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In our rapidly changing information age, consumers demand instant access to their media of choice. BCM focuses on moving your film onto multiple platforms, including mobile, streaming, Cable TV, DVD and Theatrical.




Green Light

VOD Distribution We will upload your film to all streaming-only sites

(ex: Amazon, Hulu, Comcast). We share revenues with you.

1st Act

You get the Green Light treatment, plus a VOD / DVD Release through Amazon

(Package includes 10 DVDs for your private collection)


2nd Act

You get the Green Light, the 1st Act, PLUS submission to 10 Film Festivals.


3rd Act

You receive the Green Light to see the 1st and 2nd Acts, and you get to stay for the denouement! A Theatrical Release in your home town plus up to 10 other releases throughout the country, a Publicist to represent your film at one festival of your choosing, AND submission to Netflix.


A List

You’ve been given the continuous green light…You’ve seen all 3 Acts…Now you are ready for the after-party! We will create a website for your film. We will ensure a Theatrical Release in up to 18 Drive-Ins and 10 Theaters. We will submit your film to 10 Film Festivals, and a publicist will

represent your film at two festivals of your choosing.

Distribution Packages

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