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In association with Back2ONE Productions, an affiliated commpany, we premiered the pilot episode of our web series "Dark Memories." The episode, entitled "Praying For Mary" won the award for best web series pilot at the 2015 Action on Film (AOF) Film Festival. You can view "Praying For Mary" here.


Prior awards and mentions for Back2ONE Productions include:



Feature film "Savior of None" a drama about a teenage girl trying to escape hellish circumstances, screened at Hoboken International Film Festival in May. ​

This was a huge honor for Back2ONE Productions.


Two of our short films premiered at the Action on Film ("AOF") Film Festival in August:


"You!" premiered to rave reviews.


"Pervasive" premiered and won best LGBT project.





The script for the pilot TV crime drama "Tom Hennessy" won best screenplay in its genre at the Hollywood Script Festival. "Tom Hennessy" has plans of being developed as a series.





Feature thriller/horror film "Nothing Left" won the best picture award in its genre at the Action of Film (AOF) Film Festival. "Nothing Left" was released world-wide on November 11, 2014.



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