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Film Makers

This page lists our most current offering of video production and related services. If you are in need of a service not listed here, don't hesitate to give us a call at (916) 271-4554 or email us to see if it's something we can help you with.


Our production services are available for motion picture productions - both full features and shorts - webisodes, documentaries, meetings, conferences, awards ceremonies, interviews, depositions and testimonials, training seminars and just about anything else you can think of that would benefit from being documented. We keep the original HD video on our hard drives for 120 days, at which time the files are deleted and the only copy of your production that exists is the master hard-drive, or DVD we send you and our master DVD file, which is archived. Typically your videographer will arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to filming. Setup of a camera and tripod, including white balance and sound check, takes approximately 15 minutes.


General Video Production Rates

Audio comes from one of three sources; 1) The camera's own built-in microphone (no additional charge); 2) Sound mixer/boom package (additional fees apply-see below); or 3) The event venue's own ('in-house') audio department technician. When the venue is providing us with an audio source, it is assumed that audio signal will be of high quality. We always do an audio sound check for levels and clarity but assume no responsibility for the overall audio quality of the video recording when the venue is providing it.


*Please Note: We do not rent our equipment out. If you are looking to just rent equipment, we are happy to refer you to one of our AV Rental partners.


A La Cart Videography

Includes the following: 1 HD Video Camera (Canon 5D) with a tripod, Camera Operator and uploading of raw camera files to .MOV or FTP (m2ts format).


Shoots over 8 hours are $150 per hour.

Additional hours at $225.

Minimum Booking (2 Hours): $500
Half Day (4 Hours): $700
Full Day (8 Hours): $1,200
Additional Camera & Tripod (with operator): $350/1 hr | $500/half day | $800/Full Day
Additional Camera & Tripod (no operator): $200/hr | $400/half day | $700/Full Day
Live DVD Record - 1/2 Day: $100 | Full Day: $200
Wireless Microphone: $50 per day
Lighting Kit: $200 per day
Tripod Dolly: $50 per day
Camera Crane: $350 per day
HD Web Video: $35 per hour of material
Blu-ray Disc: $35
1 TB Hard Drive with Original HD Digital Files: $250
Green Screen Filming, room rental: $150 / hour


Single Source Webcast

Broadcast your event live to the world! Back2ONE Pictures can provide you with a live webcast to reach a larger audience! Our webcasting service uses Ustream's streaming services and features ads, but ad-free webcasting is available via custom quote; the costs are determined by the size of your audience and length of your webcast. All ad-free webcasting must be pre-paid. Rates include: 1 HD camera & tripod | camera operator | 1 laptop with webcasting software | cabling as needed.

Your webcast will be archived online immediately after broadcast and you will receive a copy of the web video file within 2 days of the event.


1 Hour (minimum): $450
1/2 Day (4 Hours): $850
Full Day (8 Hours): $1,250
Live DVD Record: Add $100
In-Camera HD Record: Add $50 per hour (HD files available via FTP)


Video Editing
SD Footage: $85 / Hour
HD Footage: $95 / Hour
Analog Source material can be: VHS or DVD
Digital Sources can be: AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, M2T, M2T2 or MPG


Disc Authoring
DVD: $65 (flat fee)
Blu-ray: $80 (flat fee)

Compositing & Graphic Effects Development

Green Screen Compositing: $75 / Hour (1 Hour Minimum)
After Effects: $95 / Hour


Convert VHS, 8mm Cassette, etc. to DVD

We can take your old home videos and preserve them for you! VHS tapes degrade quickly; they have a shelf life of about 20 to 25 years if kept in a cool, dark and moisture-free environment. We can either convert your tapes to digital files, DVD or both! Turnaround time may vary depending on the number of tapes and our editing schedule, but is generally about 6 to 8 weeks.

1 Tape: $40
5 Tapes +: $20 each
10 Tapes +: $18 each
20 Tapes +: $15 each
30 Tapes +: $12 each
40 Tapes +: $9 each
50 Tapes +: $6 each


CD Duplication

For audio CD's, CD-ROMs and VCD's. Client is required to sign a duplication release*. Prices listed are per disc and are for duplicated discs only; in cake box stacks, and do not include any shipping charges. Packaging options are detailed below.


Silver Top Discs (no printing) <50: $5.00; 50+: $4.00; 100+: $3.00; 200+: $2.00; 500+: $1.00.
Matte White Discs w/ Color Logo & Black Text <50+: $7.00; 50+: $5.00; 100+: $3.75; 200+: $2.50; 500+: $1.75.

Matte White Discs w/ Full Color Print <50: $8.00; 50+: $6.00; 100+: $4.50; 200+: $3.00; 500+: $2.00.
Glossy White Discs w/ Full Color Print <50: $9.00; 50+:$7.50; 100+: $6.00; 200+: $4.50; 500+: $3.00.


DVD Duplication

Silver Top Discs (no printing) <50: $5.00; 50+: $4.00; 100+: $3.50; 200+: $2.50; 500+: $1.50
Matte White Discs w/ Color Logo & Black Text <50+: $8.00; 50+: $6.00; 100+: $5.00; 200+: $4.00; 500+: $3.00


Matte White Discs w/ Full Color Print <50: $10.00; 50+: $7.00; 100+: $6.00; 200+: $5.00; 500+: $4.00
Glossy White Discs w/ Full Color Print <50: $15.00; 50+: $10.50; 100+: $9.00; 200+: $7.50; 500+: $6.00


Prices listed below are in addition to duplication prices above and include placement of discs in cases. For Amaray cases with inserts, price includes cutting and assembly.

Shipping & handling charges not included.


Paper Sleeve: $.40 each.

Slim Jewel Case: $1.00 each.

7mm Black Amaray Case: $4.00 each (no insert); +$3.00 each Matte Insert; +$6.00 each Glossy Insert.


Turnaround time on most jobs is 3 - 7 business days. Obviously smaller jobs may be done faster and larger jobs may require more time. If your need is urgent, we do offer rush services for a fee equal to 30% of your duplication total. Special pricing may be available when adding duplication services to other production services.


*Duplication release is a document signed by the client acknowledging that they have the right to duplicate whatever materials are being submitted.


G & E Department

1. 1⁄2 Ton Grip Van: $35 / hour (2 hour minimum, $0.55 a mile, after 20 miles from Back2ONE’s office). Truck will come with all essential equipment.
2. Door Stop Dolly: $200 a day
3. 12’ Crane: $100 a day
4. GoPro and accessories: $60 per unit, per day



1. Producer: (Please call for a quote)
2. Writer: $2000 (80-page script)
3. Script Polish: $400
4. Script Breakdown: $500
5. Production Budget: $300
6. Casting: $800
7. All paperwork for production: $400
8. Location Director: $300
9. Table Read room: $25 / hour

CREW Production

1. Director: $125 / hour
2. Director of Photography: $60 / hour
3. 1st Assistant Camera Operator: $25 / hour
4. 1st Assistant Director: $60 / hour
5. Gaffer: $50 / hour
6. Key Grip: $40 / hour
7. Grip: $25 / hour
8. Sound Mixer/Boom: $45 / hour
9. Set Editor: $40 / hour
10. FX Person: (Please call for a quote)
11. Hair and Makeup: $35 / hour
12. Script Supervisor: $30 / hour
13. Wardrobe: $30 / hour
14. Production Assistant: $15 / hour
15. Still Photographer: $125 / day
16. Set Construction Foreman: $50 / hour
17. Set Decorator: $30 / hour
18. Craft Services Worker: $20 / hour


1. Log all sound & media: $40 per hour of footage
2. Edit (Please review "Video Editing" section above)
3. Press Kit: $325
4. Poster Creation: $275
5. DVD jewel case artwork: (Please call for a quote)
6. Distribution: (Please call for a quote)

Back2ONE offers the best production prices anywhere. We work within your budget. Give us a call to discuss your project and receive an estimate.


We are a full-service independent film production company committed to delivering exceptional, world-class film and video production for clients worldwide. Our services include:  


Digital TV commercials;

Digital and Analog Music Video Presentations;

TV Productions;

Feature Film Productions;

And many other services.


Our experienced team of experts will create concepts and work with your team to develop existing ideas while working within a very reasonsable budget framework. The end result? A product you will be proud to show to the world!


We have some of the best directors, writers, and cinematographers in the business. Back2ONE will shoot and produce in 35 mm, 16 mm, HD and video. Our in-house staff and joint venture partners can handle all production needs, from concept-collaboration to writing, production, editing, and distribution. Our production projects include cable television shows, music videos, commercials, video news releases, shorts and feature films. 


Please contact us at 916-271-4554 for an estimate. 





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